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Lawyer HostingSo you have chosen a domain name, had your website designed, now where are you going to have it hosted? In fact what is hosting? And why is it important?

A solid, functional web site has become a necessity for law firms and legal organizations of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the process of developing a web site is a minefield of potential missteps, wasted money, and wasted time. Here at we work exclusively with law firms to help them avoid missteps, save money, time, and allowing them to do what they do best, practice law.

You’ve put together a good plan for your site, you’ve written some of the content, and you’ve registered a domain name. Now it’s time to think about where your web site will live. In order for a web site to appear on the web, it must be “hosted” on a computer (called a server) with specialized software that remains connected to the internet 24/7/365.

Although website hosting can be easy detail to overlook, hosting is a very important pieces of the attorney website design process. No matter how visually attractive your new legal website is, or what amount of programming went into it, it needs to be hosted on a fast, reliable, and accessible server in order to perform the way it was designed to.

Legal HostingFortunately, provides the highest-quality legal website hosting and management services available. We offer this service for our attorney’s websites so that our attorneys do not need to worry about finding a hosting company, and comparing their services. We have done that research for you and all our websites are hosted on top of the line computer servers.
Here are just a few of the reasons to have host your legal website.

Ultra-fast servers with guaranteed 99.9% time online, so your site is never down when you need it most
Unlimited e-mail accounts with cutting-edge spam protection included
Automatic security and performance included with every monthly legal website hosting agreement
24/7 monitoring to ensure that any issues with your legal website are identified and dealt with immediately
A committed team of engineers, web programmers, and technicians who are familiar with legal websites, from the smallest to the largest

Attorney Website HostingBy far the most common hosting solution for small businesses and law firms is to rent server space from a hosting company on a monthly or yearly basis. This server space can either be “shared” (you rent a small portion of a large computer) or “dedicated” (you rent the entire server). Hosting plans typically allow you to host numerous different domain names, sub-domains (e.g. or, and email addresses, and are fully featured in terms of the software they can run. More expensive plans will often include additional domains and email addresses as well as increased storage space and bandwidth (the number of pages you can display per month). Larger plans may be necessary if you intend to offer visitors high bandwidth media content such as movies or podcasts, but the average small law firm or legal organization would likely find an inexpensive plan more than adequate for their needs.

Third-party hosts often have a “control panel” that their subscribers can use to manage their hosting. These control panels can allow novice users to easily and quickly add and delete email addresses, set up mailing lists, check site statistics, add new domains and sub domains, and in some cases to perform quick installations of popular software such as blogs or wikis.

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What Solutions can we provide for you?

ProLawPress.comWhen it comes to lawyer hosting platform, lawyer marketing, law firm web design, law directories, legal content marketing. has all this taken care of for your convenience. With so many tasks to get you the traffic to your site, content, video, social media sites, why would you waste so much time worrying about all this technical mumbo jumbo when you can let and it’s staff work the miracles it does for other lawyers and law firms for the legal industry. We have the experience of getting the right clients and traffic to the many attorney websites along with law firm legal content on the web. Your solution to the many tasks and problems navigating through the internet today is We do all the work for you while you do what you do best; Practice Law. [/col_12]

Legal Solutions for your Lawyer Marketing needs

You need content running through many different social sites, legal news sites, law directories, and lawyer listing platforms. You will also need to have in bound back-links coming from high page rank relevant legal websites for awesome results for you to even get some traffic to your law firm website. Without the basics to internet marketing and design of your website, you will be sitting in a sea of many websites going no where. Your solution is!

  • Your lawyer website hosting is taken care of by us
  • No hassle, or waste of time we do all the work for you
  • We design, market, build content, create listings for you
  • We have the tools and the law network to propel your law website
  • We do everything so you can do what you do best – Practice Law


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