What makes a Lawyer Websites Effective?

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What makes a Lawyer Websites Effective?

Lawyer Website
What Makes a Lawyer Website Effective?

If you have an existing site, or plan to develop one in the near future, it’s important to understand the characteristics that can make or break the effectiveness of your online investment. An unattractive or poorly built website will do more to hurt your business than to help it. In this article, we look at the general components involved in making a website successful.

It is a common question we get from our clients who are getting a new website. It is our job to educate our clients and be able to incorporate those same policies in the design and layout of the websites we design and develop. And more importantly it is our job to make sure the critical components necessary to make a lawyers website effective are built into every website we build.

The best Lawyer Website Designs always include the following

Lawyer Website Design
Lawyer Website Design
  1. Original Unique Legal Website Content: It can not be stressed enough that this is the backbone of your website. The search engines love original well written content and will reward you for your efforts.
  2. Responsive Website Design: This can be best explained as device friendly, with today’s use of computers, ipads, and phones your clients will access your content across a wide range of devices. Your content needs to properly display regardless of what device your potential client is using.
  3. Onsite and Offsite Attorney Blogs: So now you have content, what do you do with it? Content can and needs to be used both on your site, and off your site on other sites to build your brand.
  4. Social Media Integration: Your lawyer website must be connected to social media including Facebook, Twitter, Linkden, Google plus, and other social networks. The social interaction with your site is again used by the search engines to help build your brand.
  5. Clear and Consistent Messaging: What is your website about? Is it a corporate site covering all of your practice areas? Or is it a specific niche site covering a specific legal topic? Both are important and in fact you might need both to gain the web exposure you are looking for.
  6. Relevant Photographs: A picture tells a thousand words, well this is even true on website design and marketing. Pictures help your potential clients understand the content of your website. And again pictures help build your brand on the web.
  7. Relevant Videos: As in pictures videos are a powerful way to explain your services. Videos on websites help you show potential clients what you are about. People like to watch videos instead of reading text.
  8. Custom Attention Grabbing Design: We have all done it, landed on a webpage just to immediately leave and move on to the next website. You have a short period in which to gain your potential clients attention. The page your client lands on must instantly gain their attention and keep it.
  9. On Page Search Engine Optimized: There are a lot of details that go into this topic, all of which can be handled by an experienced website developer. A good website developer will take the time to work with you and make sure that all aspects of search engine optimization are built into your legal website.
  10. Lead Generation Forms: Now that you gained their attention and sparked their interest you need them to contact you. This can be done by either a phone call or a written request for more information. Your phone number and a lead generation template must be prominently displayed on your website.

Law Firm Websites are unique to each individual attorneys office.

Law Firm Websites
Law Firm Websites

Each law office or attorney has different needs that need to be examined, addressed, and built into their website. Make sure that whoever you hire to build out your lawyer website has the experience to understand your legal practice and your needs as an attorney. This base knowledge is essential in developing and effective lawyer website.